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Agile Capital & Equity Plan

Agile Capital & Equity Plan TM

Visually understand your costs and data quickly and effectively with our innovative Agile Capital & Equity Plan.

Make key planning decisions with interactive dashboards that allow for scenario building, escalation planning, and easy sharing. You'll never stare at a static Excel sheet again.

Our Agile Capital & Equity PlanTM projects go beyond displaying numbers and help decision makers understand the context, impact, and reach of the decisions to be made.

DLR Group
— Agile Capital & Equity Plan
— Real Estate Analysis
— Agile Capital & Equity Plan
— Agile Capital & Equity Plan
Design + Strategy + Investment

Design + Strategy + Investment

Develop your future project to be strategic, impactful, and investable.

We believe positive & impactful design leads to equally positive & impactful investments in diverse communities. At GoArchitect we integrate design, strategy, and finance analysis together to tackle every component of your project.

This unified creative consulting brings clarity to organizational vision, market realities, and the cold-hard steps it takes to get to the finish line.

— Design & Marketing
Shell Recharge
— Design & Strategy
— Strategy & Investment
Innovation Lab
— Architecture Design
Memorial Park
— Public Realm


Take a risk and let's explore a challenge together.

We like to focus on challenges where not only is the solution unclear but even the question is unknown. This "grey area" is where we thrive.

We use a case study method to explore the entire ecosystem of an issue and use data & design-thinking to test hypotheses and move your endeavor forward.

— Community Development
— Non-Profit & Social Impact
— Branding & Identity


Move your internal venture forward with data, design, and some gusto.

Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, you're an innovator. Getting projects moving inside organizations can be difficult and sometimes we can all use a little help.

Our Intraprenuership product helps internal teams research, develop, and launch projects. We are here to support your progress and help your teams capitalize on new opportunities.

Blade NFT
— NFT & Blockchain
Billet to Blade
— Product Development
Anti-Racist Hotdog Party
— Community Engagement

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