Designing a welcoming and engaging Innovation Lab for a Private University

We were challenged to explore how a new innovation lab would integrate into the campus to foster student interaction and creativity.

— Client
— Focus
Architecture Design
— Challenge

A private university challenged us to explore the aesthetics, environment, and program behind a new Innovation Lab on campus.

— Outcome

We proposed the creation of a sustainable and engaging mass-timber building that could serve innovative students for decades to come.

— Impact

This proposal is currently being considered by stakeholders.


At its core, what does the Innovation Lab need to accomplish?

Foster Innovation

One of the first mass timber buildings in the region. Leading the way in sustainability.

Create Community

A warm, inviting, and light-filled space with solar and other sustainable technologies.

Invest in Potential

Flexible labs and workspaces for students and research to flourish.


What spaces will help accomplish these goals?

Flexible Labs

High ceilings, concrete floors, and lots of plugs.

Collaborative Spaces

Movable furniture, teamwork areas, and lots of places to think.

Partnership Zones

Adaptive rooms, in-house services, and multi-purpose areas.


How will the Innovation Lab interact with students, staff, and visitors?

As a Door to The Future

Part of central campus, along student commuter paths, and close to the entrance.

Now is The Time

Set the stage for decades of new thinking, innovation, and creativity.

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