Helping a New Real Estate Investment Group Capture Opportunity

Helping stakeholders understand the risk, return, and requirements of a potential investment in a developing market.

— Client
Alpine Dynamics
— Focus
Real Estate Analysis
— Challenge

Understanding a potential investment can be a dizzying array of numbers and charts. Stakeholders needed a way to present an opportunity in a straightforward manor that could be understood by all parties.

— Outcome

We utilized a design-thinking approach to create interactive and approachable opportunity analysis reports that explained all aspects of a real estate investment project.

— Impact

Our stakeholders we able to quickly understand the opportunity and vote on whether to move forward.

Identifying strong investment opportunities is a challenge, even for experience investors.

It goes without saying that real estate investing is a tough industry to be in. However, the opportunity to invest strategically and with a focus on positive community impact is an area of extreme interest to GoArchitect. To move this area forward, we created a new type of investment proposal using our custom database and Power Bi, a powerful tool for information analysis.

Through our new database system, we are able to analyze any real estate investment opportunity and determine its viability in just a few minutes. This speed of analysis opens the doors for investors of all sizes to quickly size-up an opportunity and present the strongest to partners and other stakeholders. This system was first used to analyze an acquisition opportunity in Texas in 2021.

We seek to make strategic investments alongside partners

GoArchitect goes beyond the norm of opportunity analysis by aligning our long-term interests with that of our partners. Put another way, if we wouldn't be willing to put our own funds into a project, why would you? While we are willing to work alongside partners of any size, we aim to find long-term alignment by co-investing in analyzed opportunities.

Example Property

Below is an example analysis of a 10-unit building in Texas. With improved management, this underperforming property provided an opportunity for a healthy cap rate and future valuation growth.

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