Branding a Net-Zero Data Center in Iceland

GoArchitect helped create the branding and visual language for a future revolutionary net-zero data center in Iceland.

— Client
Cenoda Data Center
— Focus
Branding & Identity
— Challenge

Help a group of investors showcase the potential for a net-zero data center in Iceland.

— Outcome

GoArchitect created the branding and overall visual approach for presentation and investment materials.

— Impact

If successful in fundraising, CENODA Data Center will be one of the cleanest and most efficient data centers in the world.

GoArchitect was approached by a group of investors to explore the idea of building a net-zero data center in rural Iceland. As part of this project, we were tasked with creating a visual identity for the data center that helped tell the unique story of its location and the Icelandic heritage of the investors.

Drawing from the Heritage of Iceland

After much deliberation we chose to celebrate the Reykjavik Partnership Sculpture as a representation of Iceland and the primary symbol of CENODA, the net-zero data center.

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Celebrating the Incredible Ecology of Iceland

The ecology of Iceland is not only stunningly beautiful, it is also the primary driver of CENODA's unique value proposition. The proposed data center will be able to achieve a net-zero operational status because of the low average temperatures in the county and the readily available geothermal energy.

We choose to celebrate the ecology of Iceland in the visual language of CENODA with bold imagery and the signature deep hues of the landscape. This focus on the raw power of nature is balanced with crisp font choices that imply technology, efficiency, and progress.

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